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Weight Loss
Introducing Hypno-Sculpting

A Group Program.
Dramatic Powerful and Consistent

Our Hypno-Sculpting Community of Women are Now Experiencing a New Type of Weight loss Journey together with me.

Its all in your genes they say!
Your age & genetics are not to blame and your metabolism is not broken (promise!).

Women have been making some very common mistakes. Just as I have done. 

Let me show you what to avoid and what really works.

Plus the #1 way to kickstart your metabolism & skyrocket your natural fat burn.

EVEN if you’re in any of the 3 stages of menopause.

This is 33 Kilos of Weight Loss in Bags of Sugar!
I did it! 

FREE From Carrying All That Around.

Confident happy Sandie 70kg

What is Hypno-Sculpting?

  • MIND -A live hypnotherapy session each week. Plus supporting hypnosis audios.
  • BODY – Dozens of healthy meal plans and recipes that fuel your body correctly.
  • Community – Join us, and meet women like you already doing it.

Each week, hypnosis sessions that put your mind & body back in harmony.
I will teach you the tricks I use to enjoy rich delicious natural food again, to slim and stay slim.

You will learn about the damage of so called “healthy” foods on your quality of health, sleep, energy and weight. And what to do instead, all naturally and easily!


Have you ever asked yourself 

“How do other people seem to eat anything they want?
And still look fit and healthy!?!”

Here are the top 6 reasons why it can be generally difficult, and our solutions with Hypno-sculpting.

1: Poor diet choices…….
During your hypnotic Zoom sessions in hypnosis I talk directly to your subconscious mind about healthy eating. You will find yourself automatically popping healthy food into your shopping trolley & cooking from our amazing healthy meal plans.

2: Portion sizes…..
Who is to say that a plate full of food is the correct amount of food for everyone’s stomach? I train you to recognise your body’s own natural signals, and eat only what your body wants & needs to be healthy.
During the hypnosis sessions your natural “full signal“ will be turned up.

3: Cravings……..
As cravings start in the mind…..that’s where our hypnotherapy speciality really comes into its own.
Mind over body works every time.

4: Stress……work, relationships, money, health. etc…etc…
Stress can lead to unintentional weight gain & obesity. As a clinical hypnotherapist I excel in releasing stress & anxiety from your life. As your stress load lightens, so too does the weight. Allowing excess fat stores to melt away quickly and easily.

5: Hunger…… Snackty snacks 
Our healthy meal plans keep you feeling full , you will literally be eating yourself slim.

6: Motivation……Will Power
Yep Hypno-Sculpting excels at helping to amplify will power. During the program you receive three of my hypnotic audio recordings that re-enforce all your live sessions helping my words and suggestions to drop deep inside your mind & body.

What does Hypno-sculpting involve?

Live group sessions, one each week are done via Zoom online (so you can keep your slippers on, and so can I)
So you can be anywhere in the world,
You will learn how to burn body fat as you sleep, you will learn how to sculpt your own body shape from the inside, creating the size and shape that you really want.

We open the group program once a month, and as a member, you can roll over or jump onto as many programs as you like.

Oh and all this hype about having surgical gastric bands, well imagine now, having your very own “hypnotic gastric band” fitted. I will tell you more about this, and the other amazing things this healthy life transformation program covers when you join me on one of my live chat sessions.

The menopause can be cruel.

Are you stuck in a body that you no longer recognise?

Do you have lower back or knee pain?

How’s your quality of sleep? (what sleep!)

Are you over 40 and fed up ?

Are you looking for help?

Then you’re in the right place !


(That’s 33 kilos !)

AND the right “recipe”.

Since my Slimming from a size 22 dress to a size 10 ish

Many more women have found themselves joining me and completed this same journey.

If you are curious, if you really are curious about how I did this. Changing your body, changing your life and you would like to know more.

Watch the replay of my webinar.

I look forward to meeting you live in our community of women in our weekly sessions.

The “Key” does not involve running around exercising.

In FACT its the opposite of exercise


AND You can Stop with the multi-level milkshakes or silly pills.

It does involve real natural food combined with a sprinkle of magic, in the form of hypnosis.

Working with your mind and your body: restoring sleep, restoring your self-esteem and confidence, taking care of your mental wellness, clearing that brain fog, and as a bonus as your weight gets less, so will the pains you are currently carrying around with you.

It’s time to re-set that body clock put your mind and body back in harmony with mother nature.
What we ate in our 20’s is not what our body can process in our 40’s+.

The menopausal body goes through so many changes. Our hormones are doing strange things and our digestive system is working a different way.

Yes there are lots of healthy recipes on the internet that could help your body.
But what about your mind-set, the stress levels and the sleep (did I mention sleep?)

Are there any side effects?

Of course there are some Hypno-Sculpting side effects!
I want to be very up front about these!


Here are the top 7.

Improved Sleep

You may find you sleep better than you have for a long long time.

Feel energised

You will probably feel more energised, as you spring into life every morning. And lighter in many ways.

Feeling Body Confident

Just imagine. No more hiding away under baggy clothes, cropping photos or avoiding your reflection. Loving the skin you are in. As your size shrinks and feeling great in your clothes again.

Clothes Shopping !

You will probably need to go shopping for lots of new clothes! (Sorry)

Better Digestion

Your digestion will be better, and indigestion will fade into history.

Ease Menopause symptoms?

Allowing mind and body to work as a team may have a lot to do with it.

Lots of our ladies have reported easing of menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes becoming a thing of the past. This may be a coincidence or we may be naturally rebalancing those menopausal hormones. 

Looking younger.

This is a very common side effect of this program
(again I apologise)

Hypno-sculpting is a unique specialist program.

I’ll teach you all the easy tricks I use daily to enjoy rich delicious food, guilt free.

You will learn about the positive AND negative impact of various foods on your health, energy and weight.

Eliminate your cravings for fattening snacks.

Allow me help you into your CHANGING… room.

What does Hypno-sculpting involve?

We open the group program once a month

As a member, you can roll over or jump onto as many programs as you like.

Live group sessions, one each week are done via Zoom online (so you can keep your slippers on, and so can I)

With a good internet connection you can join sessions and be anywhere in the world!

You will learn how to burn body fat as you sleep

You will learn how to sculpt your own body shape from the inside, creating the size and shape that you really want.

I provide you with healthy meal plans I have created and also recipes that fuel your body correctly for steady and sustained weightloss.

I combine Powerful Live Hypnosis Sessions that put your mind & body & appetite back in healthy slim harmony.

Oh and all this hype about having a surgical gastric band with all the risks? 
Well imagine now, having your very own “HYPNOTIC gastric band” fitted. Zero risk.

I will tell you more about this, and the other amazing things this healthy life transformation program covers when you
join us on the live chat sessions.

The wait IS over.
Take my hand as I guide you through your journey as I have done!

Testimonials from the Hypno-Sculpting ladies

Sandie Ashing

Sandie Ashing

Many dress sizes down

I guess I am my own best testimonial ! Much more than one Dress Size

Googie Kesh

Googie Kesh

Started January 2023

I have started my journey with Sandie Ashing in the middle of January 2023. I didn’t know what to expect and I’m stunned with the results up to now ..I’m half way on my goal kg…I feel so much happier, healthier and have a much more positive view on life every day. Her positive energy and amazing support on WhatsApp on daily basis is outstanding…thank you Sandie Ashing you truly are a star

Sharon Griffiths

Sharon Griffiths

Results without any potions or pills

This is me.

A big shout out to Sandie Ashing who has helped me achieve results without any potions or pills.

Not only reaching goal weight but I am able to maintain it . I know a couple of friends already on their journey anyone else interested in becoming a healthier you, can contact Sandie on her page Hypno-Sculpting (or just ask me to put you in touch) doesn’t matter where in the world you are as it is done from home via zoom with great backup in-between a weekly meet.

The Guarantee and Disclaimer

Guarantee and refund policy:

Is the Hypno-Sculpting program guaranteed to help me lose weight ? YES 100%.

I offer a full money back refund,
- If we get to week THREE and you have followed the program,
and have not moved those scales or melted a centimetre.
Then this program is not the right one for you.
I will give you a full refund, and we will part company friends.


Results and rate of change will vary depending on how much weight you want to lose, as everyone is unique.

Some ladies reach their ultimate goal within the first weeks, and for others it may take a little longer, as they have much farther to go.

I will work with you for as long as you need within the group while you are part of this community.


Womens Wellness Tips

Weightloss naturally and for living free

I would love to know what questions you may have, especially if its not answered on this page.
Please email me!


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