5 Simple Stretches to Relieve Lower Back and Knee Pain

Lower back and knee pain can be debilitating and affect your daily life. However, simple stretches can help alleviate pain and increase flexibility. Here are five fairly easy stretches to help relieve lower back and knee pain.

  1. Knee-to-Chest Stretch: Lie on your back with your legs extended. Bring one knee up to your chest and hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Hamstring Stretch: Lie on your back with your legs extended. Lift one leg up and hold onto the back of your thigh. Straighten your leg as much as possible while keeping your foot flexed. Hold for 20-30 seconds and repeat on the other side.
  3. Child’s Pose: Start on your hands and knees. Sit back on your heels and reach your arms out in front of you. Hold for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Figure Four Stretch: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Cross your left ankle over your right knee and gently pull your right knee towards your chest. Hold for 20-30 seconds and repeat on the other side.
  5. Quad Stretch: Stand with one hand on a wall for balance. Grab your ankle with your other hand and gently pull your heel towards your buttocks. Hold for 20-30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Remember, stretching should never be painful. If you experience any pain, stop immediately and consult a healthcare professional. Stretching regularly can help improve flexibility and prevent further injury.

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