No more Yo-Yo diets

Are you ready to lose weight naturally?
Sculpt the size and shape you’ve always wanted to be!

Weight loss with Sandie Ashing

Sandie Ashing

That’s me on the left around the end of 2020
And the new me on the right in March 2021  30 kilos or 60lbs lighter!
Since then I have now sculpted my shape down a total of  33kilos / 72.8lbs that’s 5 stones!
I want to share this ALL NATURAL key with you.

My unique “Drop a Dress Size” ONLINE LIVE program, not only returns you to the size & shape you were, but also to the size and shape you really want to be. Weight loss hypnosis, to bust those cravings, and easy weight loss recipes to create a long term lifestyle.

Sculpting your own shape from the inside. Melt belly fat.

Melting away fat, as you sleep. Weight loss without breaking a sweat. Weight loss without exercising

Into being the more confident you, you deserve.

I have found the key : If like me, you have tried everything on the market, and yet that waist line has still been expanding

Its now time to unlock and sculpt your beautiful figure that’s hidden inside. Without all the sweat and confusion.

I’m Sandie Ashing and I have found the natural key to my menopause muffin, and some other surprises I didn’t expect on my journey: One thing Rebel Wilson and I have in common is a love of food, the second thing we have in common is a weight drop of 32kgs   *that’s 5 stones in old money*

This is my story. Could it be yours?

Dozens of women are now
on the same
“Drop a Dress Size in 30days” journey with me.

Do you want more body confidence, love, freedom, and independence?

I hated going clothes shopping! Feeling frumpy.
Looking in all those mirrors, bright lights, every lump and bump showing as you strain to put that zip up ….only to give up, telling the stick insect assistant it’s not your colour…?

I have been there, done that. Tried every weight loss diet, every pill and shake….. AND avoided all the MLM multilevel marketers that want you to sell their stuff like the plague.

Then I found the key to my menopause muffin. Now I am ready to share this key with you, and help you unlock your beautiful figure that’s hidden inside.

Lost your mojo?? & don’t even mention confidence!!

As you, like me, probably know, weight loss diets alone just don’t work.

Because, many women, over many years, have followed diets, and reached their goal. Weight LOST!

Then 3 months later, found themselves with the weight again. NOT LOST!

It was back up again and maybe added another 1kg or 2 or more.
So its not just about the food or the diet. Is it?

To truly change shape long term, you need to change your lifestyle.

There are many reasons why people can’t, and are still carrying around that extra weight.

My “hypnosis sculpting” sessions are designed to help you override a lot of these blocks.

You will not only sculpt your body shape.
Your mind-set and lifestyle will also change, creating a stronger, fitter, healthier, slimmer, even more confident you. Its having something that works and makes you who you want to be.


Hypnosis also works on your confidence. Returns your Mojo. Helping you not only rediscover the “old you”, but to find a new sparkling you. A you that looks amazing, and feels amazing too.

Best of all no pills, potions or shakes.

And certainly no marketing pyramids.

WHAT IS HYPNO-SCULPTING? Is it weight loss?

Hypno-sculpting is a unique specialist program I have created.

  • It is delivered by live zoom meetings to a group with limited numbers to keep it personal and private.  ( I do offer this on a 1 to 1 basis as some prefer total privacy and personalisation. Obviously that rate is different to the group rate. )
  • It combines meal plans and menus that fuel your body correctly.
  • 5 weekly hypnosis sessions that work with your subconscious mind….putting mind & body back in harmony.
  • I’ll teach you the tricks I use to enjoy rich delicious food again guilt free.
  • I’ll teach you about the impact of food on your health, energy and weight.
  • What your body used for fuel when you were 20 is not what it wants for fuel as you hit 40 and beyond.

Allow me help you into your CHANGING… room effortless weight loss! Guaranteed.

Following this program will help you take your body back to basics, back to nature, back to your factory settings…back to how you should be living.

Helping You Achieve Success with Nutrition AND Clinical Hypnotherapy

Say Hello To
The New You

    The top 6 reasons why weight loss is generally difficult, and some of our Hypno-sculpting solutions

    1: Poor diet choices

    During your LIVE ZOOM hypnotic sessions our hypnotherapist talks directly to your subconscious mind about healthy eating, you will find yourself automatically popping healthy food into your shopping trolley & cooking from our wide range of amazing healthy meal plans.

    2: Portion sizes

    Who is to say that a plate full of food is the correct amount of food for everyone’s stomach? We train you to recognise your body’s own natural signals. And eat only what your body wants & needs to be healthy.  During the hypnosis sessions your natural “full signal“ will be turned up.

    3: Cravings

    As cravings start in the mind…..that’s where our Hypno-Sculpting specialities really come into their own, mind over body works every time. With the right help.

    4: Stress

    Stress leads to unintentional weight gain & obesity. As hypnotherapists we excel in releasing stress & anxiety from your life, as your stress load lightens, so too does the weight. Allowing your fat stores to melt away.

    5: Hunger:

    Unlike diets, our meal plans leave you feeling full. You will literally be eating yourself slim.

    6: Motivation or Will Power:

    Yep we excel at helping to amplify your connection to the lifestyle you are creating. During the program you receive 3 audio recordings. They re-enforce all your live sessions and help the suggestions drop deep inside your subconscious mind.

    Are there any side effects?

    Definitely here are the top 7.

    1: SLEEP

    You may find you sleep better than you have for a long time.

    2: ENERGY

    You will probably feel energised, as you spring into life every morning.

    3: Feel Body Confident

    Just imagine. No more hiding away under baggy clothes, cropping photos or avoiding your reflection, loving the skin you are in, as your size begins to shrink and feeling great in your clothes again.


    You will probably need to go shopping for lots of new clothes (sorry)

    5: Less acid reflux

    Digestion will be better, and acid reflux/indigestion will USUALLY disappear. Reduced belly fat is  less pressure on your stomach, which results in less backflow of acid. Several studies show that losing weight is a good way to decrease acid reflux.

    6: COOLING of hot FLUSHES

    Lots of our ladies have reported menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes becoming a thing of the past, this may be coincidence or we may be naturally rebalancing your body’s hormones and allowing mind and body to work as a team have a lot to do with it.

    7: Looking younger

    This is a common side effect of my Hypno Sculpting program (again we apologise )

    What do I do next?

    For the Technical side what will I need?

    • You will need a stable internet connection, for your computer / tablet / phone, whichever is easiest for you to use.
    • Make sure you can be hands free, and headphones / earphones or buds.
    • I run the live Q&A introduction and the live hypnosis sessions via “Zoom”.
      (Its free to download and use.  As an app for Apple Android or Windows PC )

      “Oh and because the  introduction free Q&A is live each month, there are no recordings sent out. If you sign up please show up, as places are limited.”

    I look forward to meeting you in person.”  Sandie

    Testimonials from the Hypno-Sculpting ladies

    Sandie Ashing

    Sandie Ashing

    Many dress sizes down

    I guess I am my own best testimonial ! Much more than one Dress Size



    Dropped two dress sizes

    So ladies- the first photo was taken at a wedding in September before the fat fairy came.. the second was taken on Sunday Soooo very chuffed !!! So far on the program Cath is down 10,2kgs (thats over 22lbs). She has melted 87cms of fat from her body. She has dropped 2 full top sizes. 3 full middle and bottom sizes

    Congratulations to Cath you are a Star




    Meet Julie: currently on week 6. These are here words & her photos

    “Just found this pic of me on the left from 2 years ago the one on the right is now I’m stunned “



    4 Dress sizes Down and 3 stone lighter

    Wow this was me a year ago on the left at work and this is me now .
    Started my Hypno Sculpting journey on the 12 of July 2020 with Sandie Ashing and the photo of me on the right is me now after nearly four months on following Drop a dress size.

    Four dress sizes and lighter by three stones, a new confident me who would always hide under baggy clothes, to a girl who shows off her figure if I can do it anyone can xxx



    Many dress sizes down

    Best feeling in the world was that belt meeting and closing !



    Many dress sizes down

    Amazing to see this from the side.



    No more floaty loose dresses

    Before and now. Me yesterday feeling great, confident to wear tighter fitting dresses, six months ago I always wore free flowing floaty things to hide the lumps and the bumps, feeling great and well on my way to my target weight.

    Check your measurements and current dress size

    in this easy to use calculator.

    Start your steps toward a rewarding lifestyle today.

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    answer your questions, and give you some key tips.

    Here is a short sample from the very first free live Zoom Q&A.

    Olivia tells some of her story, of the joy and results she has had.
    The other ladies have come to watch the full free webinar.

    All of them signed up for the full five week program, after their questions were answered .

    Drop a Dress Size and Beyond

    Places for the full five week group program are only available after attending the free Zoom video Q&A. Usually I host one each month.
    From there you will have all the information to make the right choice for you.

    Drop your first name and email below to receive info on the next free Webinar date and time.

    For the Technical side what will I need?

    • You will need a stable internet connection, for your computer/tablet/phone whichever is easiest for you to use, make sure you can be hands free, and headphones / earphones or buds.
    • I run the free live Zoom Q&A,  and the full course of hypnosis sessions live via “Zoom”. (its free to download and use)  As an app for Apple Android or Windows PC

      “Oh and because these live Zoom Q&A’s are live, there are no recordings sent out. If you sign up to know if this is for you, please show up, as places are limited.”

    I look forward to meeting you in person.”  Sandie

    1: How many live hypnosis sessions are there? 

    Five in total. One a week over 5 weeks. Places only available after attending the free webinar.

    2:  Do I get a food list?

    Yes you will get FOUR weekly shopping lists plus FIVE full week’s recipes and meal planners.

    3:  How will I know if it’s working for me?

    You will be down in measurements and your clothes will feel looser. This is not just weight loss, its body shape and peace of mind.

    4:  Are my measurements & weight private?

    Yes, they are only between you and I , everything is covered by the the professional confidentiality clause I work to.

    5:  Is this program guaranteed to help me “Drop a dress size?

    Yes, totally 100%. I have full confidence in this program.
    If you have followed all the guidance. Listened to the audio/s I supply, and participated in our secret Facebook group. And we get to week 3, and you have no difference in size, shape or weight. Then I will refund all of your money, no questions asked:

    All of my clients have been ecstatic with their results, that’s how confident I am. This program really works. You have nothing to lose except the excess fat from your belly…hips…bums…thighs for starters.

    6: What day & what time are the weekly sessions?

    As a general rule the 5 live hypnosis sessions follow the same day & time as the webinar you attend. They are usually a Tuesday or a Wednesday evening; please make sure you arrange to have all the dates free before signing up.

      7: What happens beyond the first 5 weeks?

      Ah now quite a lot. But you really need to come to the webinar to hear more about it.

      8: Is this program suitable for people with diabetes or high blood pressure?

      Yes, very much so.  Some of our ladies are pre-diabetic  and others diabetes 2. They have all reported fantastic results, finally bringing their blood sugar levels under control for the first time in many years. Our ladies who started off with high blood pressure now all report having lowered it to a healthy rate.

      9: Who is this program best suited for?

      Mainly suitable for ladies around menopausal age and beyond, although their entire families have been helped back to a healthy weight by eating from the same meal planners.

      10:  Who is it not for?

      Not for the under 30’s, breast feeding mums. Lactose intolerant vegetarians or vegans.  Our menus are gluten free but do contain meat, fish, eggs, dairy and plenty of fresh veg.

      11: How qualified are the creators of this program?

      Sandie Ashing is an award winning certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, and Neuro linguistic programming practitioner. Also certified in nutrition.

      A certified trainer delivering GHSC Accredited Training Courses in Clinical Hypnotherapy

      Sandie Ashing is a partner in Lux Hypnotherapy Training Centre Marbella with her husband Stuart Ashing. A master therapist with 30 years experience.

      When all the right knowledge and experience falls together its close to magical ! Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals.
      Invest In Yourself.

      When all the right knowledge and experience falls together its close to magical ! Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals.
      Invest In Yourself.

      The wait IS over.
      Shaping you and your path today!



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