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From September 2024


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The Hypno-sculpting Group Program Begins on

Tuesday 10th September and runs for 5 Tuesdays

Learn how you too can lose those excess kilos.

Googie Kesh lost 38kg with Hypno Sculpting!

This photos show her with the equivalent weight in sugar! 


You can read about her transformational journey below.

She did it. I did it. Many others are currently doing it and you can too.

Googie with 34 kilos of sugar in weightloss

Watch this introduction to “Hypno Sculpting”

Find out how you can start your personal weight loss journey today.

Grab a coffee its about an hour.

It is full of top tips: my personal story and the lightbulb moment that led to the creation of Hypno-Sculpting weight loss.

Transforming women across Europe.

Sandie Ashing – Clinical Hypnotherapist
Introduces you to her unique


Weight Loss Program

I Slimmed from a dress size 22 into a size 10 ish.

Experience a New Type of Weight loss Journey.

Melting menopausal muffin tops.

All From the Comfort and Privacy of your own home.

I can help you lose weight in our Hypno-Sculpting Community.

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I am so excited to announce yet another new Hypnosis weight loss audio has been added to my audio range.  

The daily play “DROP A DRESS SIZE”  has always been a popular one with my girls, and now I would like to share it with you too. 

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Real Women.

Seeing Real Results.

Read Their Words…

MEET – Googie Kesh

Started January 2023

Hypno-sculpting - Googie Kesh weight loss
Hypno-sculpting - Googie Kesh weight loss
Hypno-sculpting - Googie Kesh weight loss

Googie is Sculptress of the year 2023 Dropping 38kgs. 8 dress sizes smaller !


“To all the girls out there YOU MUST JOIN and follow Sandie’s menu’s, listen to her advice, and use her hypno audios!!!

 I began my transformational weight loss journey in January 2023 and one year later I am a totally different woman, not only the way I look, my energy and my confidence have totally sky rocketed.

One of my friends was on the program, and kept telling me about it, but to be honest, I thought this hypnosis stuff was all probably “bollocks” and wouldn’t work on me. Then another friend joined and she started having instant changes, so I thought well, perhaps there is more to this “mumbo jumbo” thing then.

I watched Sandie’s webinar, and suddenly things made sense, I understood why I was stuck.

So I signed up with the “magical Sandie Ashing” and Hypno-Sculpting.
We call her the “Fat Fairy” but she really is like a fairy godmother, waving that wand of hypnosis over us, and each of us getting exactly what we wanted !

I love the community of girls, the friendships on zoom we all had a giggle, this year some of us have managed to meet up in person too, I have never laughed so much.

Now I know just how powerful this, “ bollocks, and mumbo jumbo” really is: It’s like mind magic.

I am 8 sizes smaller! That’s mad! I am wearing dresses and skirts for the first time in years, and I actually enjoy clothes shopping now, I am so happy !


….love you Sandie…you changed my life forever.”

Googie Kesh

MEET – Sharon Griffiths

Results without any potions or pills

Hypno-sculpting - Sharon Griffiths weight loss
Hypno-sculpting - Sharon Griffiths weight loss
Hypno-sculpting - Sharon Griffiths weight loss

Sharon  said

” I think we can see where the magic of Sandie Ashing has been at work.

It didn’t happen overnight, my weight loss journey took almost a year, but it was such a fun year, and I can’t believe how easy it was.

Sandie gave me all the tools, all the tips and held my hand on every step journey.

I had met Sandie personally in 2019, before we were all thrown in to lock down, Yes I knew her when she was a “big girl”.

Seeing her photos and watching her personal journey had me so intrigued. I had tried everything every gimmick on the market and although I may have lost a bit at first, I soon piled even more back on, it was very frustrating.

I reached out to her for help and took her hand, It’s been amazing.

I was one of the top Hypno Sculptors of 2022 losing over 26kg

I continued my journey into the following year and reached my goal, and I have kept that weight off, no more yo-yo’s for me.

I have recommended lots of my friends to the Hypno-Sculpting program, and they are all having amazing changes too.

And it’s not just about the weight loss; it’s about Sandie’s Hypnosis sessions, her audio’s and her continued support, the confidence she builds in us all, teaching us to love ourselves again.

I love being part of this growing community of women from across the globe, meeting them on line and chatting with them in our private Facebook community, sharing tips, recipes and keeping each other’s Tiara’s straight. 

I can now wear whatever clothes I want, thank you Sandie Ashing for making me confident enough to go out in a colour that’s not dark.”

Sharon Griffiths

MEET – Jennifer Knowles

I’m A Barbie Girl !

Hypno-sculpting - Jennifer Knowles weightloss
Hypno-sculpting - Jennifer Knowles weightloss
Hypno-sculpting - Jennifer Knowles weightloss

Jennifer said.

As a slim child, I found it hard in my early 20’s when I started putting weight on. I really couldn’t shift it even with the gym and did the usual calorie controlled and liquid diets which only served to temporarily “fix” the issue.

In my mid-30’s I ballooned, had sore knees and just resigned myself to this being the way it is.

At the end of 2021, my mental health took a downturn. I went to the doctor after months of worry and not sleeping as one of the leading issues was that I was increasingly worried about my health as I had pain in my upper abdomen and ribs.

I was convinced I was very ill. She did many tests which revealed visceral fat around my liver. She said I needed to lose weight and sent me away with some anxiety medication.

A year later, I was off the mediation, not in a great place and still needing to lose the weight.

Through a friend who had recently lost 10kg, I came across Sandie and although sceptical but thinking I could lose a bit, I signed up to Hypno-Sculpting and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve shed 23 kilo’s and it’s so easy to maintain. The food is yummy and nutritious. I have no pain anywhere. My head is in a much better place.

My favourite part is the hypnosis – completely not like the preconceptions I had. I now can’t live without it and it’s become part of my regular routine.

Hypno-Sculpting has literally changed my life. Anxiety will never disappear but can become manageable. I feel healthy.

Not only do I love what I see in the mirror, I finally feel like I’m the person I am meant to be which is very pink and very sparkly.

Jennifer Knowles

MEET – Sandie Ashing

The creator of Hypno-Sculpting

Hypno-sculpting - Sandie Ashing weightloss
Hypno-sculpting - Sandie Ashing weightloss
Hypno-sculpting - Sandie Ashing weightloss

My Personal Story

I have become the woman I once dreamed of being

It took me 9 months to drop 34kgs !

I guess I am one of my best testimonies.

A picture paint’s a thousand words that true, but it can’t begin to describe the feeling’s that this change has created for me personally.

My confidence and energy have soared sky high.

I found my inner sparkle and have become the woman I once dreamed of being.

I was once lost, overwhelmed and overweight.
The doctor told me I was Obese and a prime candidate for Diabetes 2.

My mum became diabetic in her 50’s and I have watched her life long struggle, so I knew this was something I needed to change before it was too late.
And I have. It took me 9 months to drop 34kgs, and I have effortlessly stayed at my goal weight for the last 3 years. Lighter, fitter and healthier in my 50’s than I was in my 20’s, my doctor was impressed and is now a fan of Hypno-Sculpting too.

If you haven’t watched the above video I suggest you do it now:

( yes I know it’s nearly an hour long) but please believe me, it’s worth it,

It is full of tips and it’s also my personal story and the lightbulb moment that led to the creation of Hypno-Sculpting.

Sandie Ashing

JOIN Real Women. Celebrating Real Results.

Coata Women party Night with Hypno sculpting ladies

What does this Powerful Program involve?

Live weekly group sessions, are done via Zoom

You can be anywhere in the world.

We welcome new members once a month

You can continue on this journey as long as is needed. Mine was nine months to drop 5 dress sizes.


A live hypnotherapy session each week putting your mind and body in harmony.

Boosting your confidence and resetting your metabolism.

Plus supporting hypnosis audios.



Dozens of my healthy meal plans and recipes that fuel your body correctly. You will learn how to burn body fat as you sleep, and sculpting your own body shape from the inside.

ALL of your weekly meal plans are low carb, sugar free and do contain Meat: Fish: Eggs & Dairy.




Join us, and meet women like you already doing it. 


Who is this program NOT suitable for and what are the alternatives?


– You exclude all meat and / or dairy from your diet.

– You are a vegetarian or vegan.

If you have medical, cultural or moral beliefs about that.

Then this particular program is not for you.


THE VEGGIE Alternative….


A different group program still with great benefits.

Returning your sleep, lowering your stress levels, and dealing with emotional eating habits.


Your Slimmer You is an alternative to our main Hypno Sculpting group.
Especially for those following a vegetarian or non-meat lifestyle.
A Four Week Group Program LIVE on Zoom

The menopause can be cruel. 

Are you stuck in a body that you no longer recognise?

Do you have lower back or knee pain?

How’s your quality of sleep? (what sleep!)

Are you over 40 and fed up ?

Are you looking for help?

Then you’re in the right place !

If you have answered YES to any of the above then Hypno Sculpting could be the answer to your dreams. 

The “Key” does not involve running around exercising.

In FACT its the opposite of exercise


AND You can Stop with the multi-level milkshakes or silly pills.

I am ready to take this journey!

Great: Please ensure you have watched the video, this should answer most questions.
This is a live group program via zoom for ladies in any of the stages of menopause.
All our menus contain meat, fish and dairy:
This program is not suitable for vegetarian or vegans.

If you are interested in really knowing if this is for you.

Book an alignment call with Sandie. 

Simply complete this form and it will be sent directly to Sandie.
And she will arrange a call with you.

Places are limited each month so its really important we both know its right for us.

Apply Here

As featured in Bella UK magazine.

The Guarantee

Is the Hypno-Sculpting program guaranteed to help me lose weight ?


I offer a personal full money back refund


- If we get to week THREE and you have followed the program,
and have not moved those scales or melted a centimetre.
Then this program is not the right one for you.
I will give you a full refund, and we will part company friends.


Results and rate of change will vary depending on how much weight you want to lose, as everyone is unique.

Some ladies reach their ultimate goal within the first weeks, and for others their journey may take a little longer.

I will work with you for as long as you need within the group while you are part of this community.

Stay in the Hypno-Sculpting loop. News and weightloss tips!

Are there any side effects?

Of course there are some Hypno-Sculpting side effects!
I want to be very up front about these!

Here are the top 7. 

With Quotes from our ladies.

Improved Sleep

You may find you sleep better than you have for a long long time.

” After 25 years of living on 3-5 hours each night I now sleep for 7-8 hrs like a baby. “

Wendy Sherwood

Feel energised

You will probably feel more energised, as you spring into life every morning. And lighter in many ways.

” It really has given me so much energy, and my multiple joint pains have disappeared. “

Liz Bradbury

Feeling Body Confident

“Just imagine. No more hiding away under baggy clothes, cropping photos or avoiding your reflection. Loving the skin you are in. As your size shrinks and feeling great in your clothes again.”

” I actually left the house without having my arms covered. “

Genna Gallon

Clothes Shopping !

You will probably need to go shopping for lots of new clothes! (Sorry)

“Today I bought new clothes, that are still a little tight, as I know I will be wearing them by next month.”

Lorraine Williamson

Better Digestion

Your digestion will be better, and indigestion will fade into history.

“That daily indigestion has become a thing of the past. “

Paula Lamb

Ease Menopause symptoms?

Allowing mind and body to work as a team may have a lot to do with it.

Lots of our ladies have reported easing of menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes becoming a thing of the past. This may be a coincidence or we may be naturally rebalancing those menopausal hormones.

“One of the most positive things is that I feel way better emotionally. “

Jane Carney

Looking younger.

This is a very common side effect of this program
(again I apologise)

” My skin is amazing. “

Jackie Thomson

Take my hand as I guide you through your journey. 


I would love to know what questions you may have, especially if its not answered on this page.
Please email me!


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