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For the first time in years, I actually left the house without having my arms covered.

I’ve kept my bingo wings under wraps for years, and on sunny days, I either decided I couldn’t face going out , or I covered up and sweated my T*ts off, feeling uncomfortable the whole time.

But today, I left home SLEEVLESS, every fault on show:

And do you know what, nobody stared, pointed or laughed, nobody vomited in the street……

and it felt amazing to feel the wind blowing on my skin.

I know this all sounds weird, but for me it was a massive hurdle, and finally I jumped it.

Thank you Sandie Ashing.
I love feeling part of a group, especially with it being a group of such lovely supportive ladies who all have the same goal as me. I feel less alone.


Genna Gallon

This weight loss program is truly amazing:


This weight loss program is truly amazing, within the first few weeks I noticed my jeans were a lot looser especially around my legs, my belt is in new notches, tighter than ever, and the bra fat no longer bulging on the sides.
I love doing the weekly group hypnosis sessions, and the special friendships I have made.
I have not only changed my weight and shape, my entire way of thinking about myself has also changed.

Helen Woolley

This programme really works :


This programme really works. I wanted to share with you how much being on Sandie’s Hypno-Sculpting program has helped me.
For years I have struggled with my weight, have tried every single diet known to man, to no avail.

Since starting on the program I am sleeping better,
my multiple joint pains have disappeared and I have lost weight and gained confidence.

It really has given me so much energy.

This combination of trusted methods which combined with the hypnotherapy is fantastic.

Thank you so much Sandie for giving me my life back.

Sandie truly is the fat fairy!

Liz Bradbury

Very professional, yet so much fun. :


This amazing weight loss program has really helped me to shed some pounds and drop much more than one dress size without the need for pills potions or starvation diet.

Not only do I look and feel better but Sandie also managed to get me my sleep pattern back.

After 25 years of living on 3-5 hours each night I now sleep for 7-8 hrs like a baby.

Very professional, yet so much fun.

Sandie is full of hints and tips to ensure you get the best results.

I totally recommend Hypno-Sculpting 100%.

Thank you Sandie for all your help

Wendy Sherwood

The weight just melts away very quickly! :


After trying every kind of weight loss system on the planet for most of my life,
I can honestly say that Sandie’s Hypno-sculpting group online program actually works.

Furthermore, the food is gorgeous and the weight just melts away very quickly!

Really really happy with the results so far.
Thanks Sandie for the wonderful support you give x

Claire Jackson

3 DAYS IN: and I feel fantastic! :


For the last 2 nights I have had the most amazing sleep thanks to the recording,
and I already feel much less bloated.

Can’t wait for the rest, I am really enjoying it.

TWO MONTH UPDATE: Today when I look down I see my boobs, but not my belly: Where has it gone .. it’s like magic.
Today I bought new clothes, that are still a little tight, as I know I will be wearing them by next month. (Sandie’s comment: And she was)

Lorraine Williamson

17kgs has been lost to date! :


I have been losing weight with Sandie Ashing for 9 months and so far.

17kgs has been lost to date, with the hypno sessions, food plan and recipes.

It’s been great to have Sandie with me on my weight loss journey. Thank you.

Susan Davies

I’m SO Skinny! :


So I saw my daughter for the first time today in a month.

She didn’t recognise me in the park as I walked towards her.

Apparently my skin is amazing and I’m SO Skinny!

Jackie Thomson

Well it works! :


Well it works as I did drop a dress size in just a month.


Sandie is great and very helpful and patient with everyone.. Give it a go

Caroline Lips

I’m less tired, more motivation! :


Absolutely amazing Sandie is fabulous and I have to say even after doing this for only 2 weeks
I feel fab. I’m less tired, more motivation and my general health is already improving.

It’s incredible how quickly this all starts happening.

I’m so glad I found Sandie

Dawn Major

I have lost just over 2 stone! :


I have been doing Hypno-Sculpting and dropping dress size’s with other ladies for about 3 months now
and I love the new me I have lost just over 2 stone ( 13.608kg )

I have a new healthier way of life not only physically but mentally and this has made me a better person.

I would recommend any who needs to have a healthier life style to do this.

Lorraine Thorn

I love the eating style! : 


I love the eating style and the fact that it involves hypnosis and being able to choose positive choices.
Even though I am blind, and found doing my measurements a little complicated,
Sandie helped me come up with some easy solutions.

I loved the group hypnosis sessions, and still listen to my personal audio’s for relaxation.

I Highly recommend Sandie and her weight loss program

Charlotte Kelly

Its a different ball game altogether! : 


I have been on all these yoyo diets and finally failed and given up.

With Hypno-Sculpting, dropping a dress size is a different ball game altogether.

I am into my 3rd week and I have already lost weight along with lots of cms.

When I wake up each morning I don’t have to worry about what I am going to eat.

It’s all taken care of by the meal plan.

I was very wary about hypnosis but I am shocked at the way it works.

I love the program. The meals are delicious, nutritious and fun to prepare.

Sandie is very supportive and an absolute star.

Anju Sharafali

I was very sceptical to begin with! : 


I have had trouble moving any weight during menopause, plus my emotions have been all over the place!

Sandie has been amazing with her positive attitude and help with menu’s and hypnotherapy, ( which I was very sceptical of to begin with).

I have now reached my goal weight, this transformational journey happened quicker than I ever imagined.

But one of the most positive things is that I feel way better emotionally, which has helped in every aspect of my daily life.

Hypnotherapy has been fab it is amazing and works! I still love using the audios every day.

Having a great group of ladies on this journey with me is the icing on the cake!

Jane Carney

Indigestion has become a thing of the past! : 


I can’t believe even my first weeks weight and inch loss on this programme!

I would tell anyone to give it a try .

I’ve now completed my first 4 weeks and have dropped down a dress size.

I’m now en-route to drop another.

That daily indigestion has become a thing of the past.

Sandie is amazing and the other members of my Zoom group are really lovely and supportive.

Five stars from me.

Paula Lamb

I have lost just over 7 stone 45kg! : 


I wanted to share my journey up to date I have lost just over 7 stone 45kg
and I am still going. My journey is a long one as I began at over 25 stone.

I did this program privately with Sandie, not in the group.

I love Sandie’s hypnosis sessions, they calm my mind, and fill me with so much confidence.

My joints don’t hurt as much now I am walking much easier and have set myself weekly goals doing hill climbs.

Keep going ladies, you can do this too.

Just let the Fat fairy wave her hypnotic wand at you.

Annette Martin Lagos

JOIN Real Women. Celebrating Real Results.

Coata Women party Night with Hypno sculpting ladies


A live hypnotherapy session each week putting your mind and body in harmony.

Boosting your confidence and resetting your metabolism.

Plus supporting hypnosis audios.


Dozens of my healthy meal plans and recipes that fuel your body correctly. You will learn how to burn body fat as you sleep, and sculpting your own body shape from the inside.


Join us, and meet women like you already doing it. 

We welcome new members once a month

You can continue on this journey as long as is needed. Mine was nine months to drop 5 dress sizes.

I am ready to take this journey!

Great: Please ensure you have watched the video, this should answer most questions.
This is a live group program via zoom for ladies in any of the stages of menopause.
All our menus contain meat, fish and dairy:
This program is not suitable for vegetarian or vegans.

How do I sign up?

Simple just complete this form and it will be sent directly to Sandie.
She will let you know she has received it and arrange a call with you and walk you through your first steps.

Take my hand as I guide you through your journey. 


I would love to know what questions you may have, especially if its not answered on this page.
Please email me!


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