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by Sandie Ashing

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Founder of Hypno-Sculpting

Welcome to my weight loss audio clinic.

You can choose one, or a combination,

Or all of the audio collection.

“I have taken a few ideas that I use in my live Hypno-Sculpting session’s and finally put pen to paper, mouth to mic, now I can invite you inside my Virtual clinic.”

If you have ever considered gastric surgery of any kind, or those weight loss injections that have hit the news….

Consider the Hypnotic version first, as a valid, safer, and cost effective alternative.

Hypnotherapy for gastric bands, gastric sleeves and gastric balloons really does work!

In recent clinical trials for my new Hypno- Weight Loss Jab … this has also proven to work very well too, and when used in combination with any of the others has doubled the results. 

I have been using Clinical Hypnotherapy for Virtual gastric procedures in the UK, Spain and Europe to help hundreds of people to regain control of food in a safe and natural way.

NOW you too can benefit:

No need to spend thousands of costly operations.

No need to spend hundreds traveling out to my clinic.

With the magic of audio technology, you can have your Hypno-Gastric Band, balloon or sleeve fitted in your own home !

You can also top up your own Hypnotic fat melting fluid weekly with my Hypno-Weight Loss Jab


If you are really committed to losing weight then these audio’s are for you.

Some are for weekly use, other for once or twice a month.

 Making life more affordable help for you to achieve your goals naturally.

Hypnotic surgery is not a new idea; it has proven to be a very powerful tool in many situations over the years.

These particular audios have been carefully crafted by me, to not only give your weight loss a kick start, but to help you create long lasting results.

The mind and the body are as one.

Under a hypnotic state your mind will easily be able to accept the suggestions made, and allow the body to make all the changes necessary to create your dream figure.

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