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This “Hypno-Sculpting” weight loss program is UNIQUE!

Developed by Sandie Ashing

A combination of hypnosis and natural nutrition.

Dealing with stress, emotional eating habits, and unhealthy cravings.
Creating the new life you really desire
Inside & out.


Group live Hypnosis Zoom sessions

One session per week


28 Day Meal Planner

Easy to prepare natural meals


A Healthy Food guide

Know what works for you

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The Guarantee

Is the Hypno-Sculpting program guaranteed to help me lose weight ?


I offer a personal full money back refund


- If we get to week THREE and you have followed the program,
and have not moved those scales or melted a centimetre.
Then this program is not the right one for you.
I will give you a full refund, and we will part company friends.


Results and rate of change will vary depending on how much weight you want to lose, as everyone is unique.

Some ladies reach their ultimate goal within the first weeks, and for others their journey may take a little longer.

I will work with you for as long as you need within the group while you are part of this community.