How to set up Zoom Meetings for Hypno Sculpting

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This Zoom video guide is intended for those registered for the free webinar or the full 5 week program.

If you have not attended the free Hypno-Sculpting™ introduction webinar with Sandie Ashing. Please go here to read about it. Or register.

Overview:  Zoom is a real-time web conferencing application much like Skype.  Zoom can be downloaded and installed easily, and is available on Windows, PC, iOS iphones and Android devices.

To join a Zoom meeting generally, you typically do not need a Zoom account, however the quality is restricted.

We recommend for our meetings and service quality, that you sign up for the free account at Zoom first.


Get a free zoom Account.

  • Navigate to  and enter your email address, and click on the “Sign Up it’s Free” button.
  • Verify that your address is correct and click Confirm.
  • They will email you to conform your email is valid. Click on the “Activate Account” button in the email message sent to you.
  • Continue the Zoom setup by entering your name and selecting a password. Please note the password requirements listed in red. You need that email address and password to activate the zoom app.
  • There may be a prompt to invite others to join Zoom and another to setup a test meeting. Neither of these steps are required.


Windows & Mac :  Download the Zoom Client for Meetings)
Run the downloaded program to install it on your computer.
iOS (iPhone): IOS APP STORE or Find “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” in the App Store
Android:  “Zoom Cloud Meetings” in Google Play app store

Or select one of the download buttons below.

Zoom for PC
Apple Zoom
Zoom android
Zoom join meeting

HOW TO Join a Meeting

  • Once Zoom is installed on your computer or tablet, for the first use of the app.
    Open the Zoom application. Mac users: Find it in your Applications folder. PC users: Select Start and type “Zoom” to launch the app. You can then pin the app to your taskbar.
    Open the app – Enter your ZOOM account registered “EMAIL + Password”. 

  • ON THE DAY – Join the meeting by clicking on the meeting link we send by email, this usually opens the Zoom app automatically. We will email you with a meeting link before each meeting / webinar. And some reminders before the day. If you have any issues with this we can usually help.
  • AUDIO – Click on Join with Computer Audio. If you click the check box on the bottom, you can avoid this dialog box for
    future sessions. The first time you join it will ask you for your name. It will save it and not ask for later
  • VIDEO – In the Video Preview window, select the Join with Video


Zoom join meeting

Meeting Controls - Easy Tiger ! its simples

  • MUTE – When asked to join in the conversation. Click this to MUTE or UNMUTE your microphone
    The little up arrow next to this give access to TEST AUDIO.
  • START VIDEO – Click on this to activate your webcam. Click again if you need to stop the video.
    All our meetings are with video ON.
  • CHAT – This will pop up a chat box to send a text message the meeting host or to read messages from them.


This will show the main speaker host full screen or you can see all in the meeting in GALLERY view.

Zoom join meeting

Tips for aN EASY successful ZOOM video MEETING

Before the meeting

    Find a stable spot for your laptop, other than your lap, so your camera doesn’t jiggle. A PC or computer is best. Tablets are ok if fixed in place and stable. Phones are too small and would need a tripod.
  • LIGHTING – Preferably sit without a window behind you so we can see your face and so the camera can focus well without the shifts between the bright window and you when you move. Set up your device or camera so that it has a clear, unobstructed view of you. Don’t sit too far from (or too close to) the camera. If you’re using a separate camera, place it near your screen — it’s best to put the camera at eye level, so that when you’re looking at the screen, it appears as if you’re looking at the person you’re talking to. Make sure your face is well lit. Natural lighting and side lighting work best, but overhead lights will work well, too. Backlighting can often make it hard to see; if you can’t change the backlighting, try to put another light in front and to the side of your face.
  • Tell your meeting organizer if there is a reason why you can’t be recorded. Contact before the meeting.
  • Feel free to arrive early to check your audio and video before the meeting starts.
  • Wake up your smile before the meeting.
  • Earbuds with a microphone are best or headphones since they help reduce any background noise.

During the meeting

  • MUTE – when you are not speaking.
  • VIDEO is best on to participate. If you are having connection speed issues. Turning your video off and just using audio will help the connection bandwidth on your network. If you have a shared low connection speed, ask others in the home to ease off heavy internet usage.
  • Using lots of fast hand gestures in front of the camera will slow down the video.
  • Use CHAT to ask questions.
  • Give a thumbs up when asked if you can hear.
  • Silence your phone notifications and ask others in your home to leave you undisturbed for the meeting.
  • Speak a little more slowly than usual for more clarity.

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